Photos Taken on Sunday, December 14, 2008 - Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show
Beauceron Breed Competition - Photos of All Beaucerons Competing.
Listed in Catalog Order Below.  Note: Anyone have better photos? 
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 Below is the section on Temperament from The AKC Beauceron Breed Standard:
The Beauceron should be discerning and confident. He is a dog with spirit and initiative, wise and fearless with no trace of timidity. Intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle and obedient. The Beauceron possesses an excellent memory and an ardent desire to please his master. He retains a high degree of his inherited instinct to guard home and master. Although he can be reserved with strangers, he is loving and loyal to those he knows. Some will display a certain independence. He should be easily approached without showing signs of fear.
"Leo" & Debbie Skinner in the Meet the Breeds Booth - Sunday afternoon following the breed competition. 
Leo receives Award of Merit.  "Leo" CH.Uscar des Ombres Valeureux, TT, DOB 11/25/2003, Breeder: Debbie Skinner. Sire: Oscar du Sentier des Savannes, FRII; Dam: Pesky des Ombres Valeureux.  Owner: Mary Anne Morrison, Ron and Debbie Skinner.  Handler/Agent: Perry Payson.


CH.Bindi Bleue du Chateau Rocher PT.
DOB: 8/13/2006. Bitch.  Owner/Breeder: Karla Davis. 
Sire: Roc des Anges de l'Ardilliere, Recommende;
Dam: Solitaire Bleue du Chateau Rocher. 



CH.Arco du Chateau Rocher HT. DOB 3/16/2005. Male.  Breeder/Owner: Karla Davis, Woodlake, CA. 
Sire: Roc des Anges de L'Ardilliere, Recommande; Dam: Rose Noire du Chateau Rocher.  Owner/Breeder handled.  Best Bred By Award.


"Tess" CH.Tendresse du Chateau Rocher, PT. DN039178/01 "Tess" DOB 10/29/2002. Bitch.  Breeder: Karla Davis. Sire: Jude du Chateau Rocher; Dam: Rose Noire du Chateau Rocher.  Owner: Christine Emery (Pittsburg, CA), Handler/Agent: Jordan/Larry L Fenner.


CH.Uros Mes Yeux Vigilants. DOB: 11/25/2003.  Male.  Breeder: Susan Bass.  Sire: Yakoll de Montclea; Dam: CH.Sonata Mes Yeux Vigilants. 
Owner Fred Bass, Independence, MO.  Linda Clark (handler).


"Raven" CH.Bijou Noir du Chateau Rocher, HT, DOB: 5/23/2006.  Bitch.  Breeder: Karla Davis.  Sire: Oscar du Sentier des Savannes, French Ring II; Dam: R'Punkin du Chateau Rocher.  Owner Jean M. Tornquist, Santa Rosa, CA.  Owner/handled.


CH.Chaumette Mes Yeux Vigilants, DOB: 4/28/2007.  bitch.  Breeder: Earl Kara & Susan Bass. Sire: Phalcor de Mavourneen; Dam: Alms Mes Yeux Vigilants.  Owner: Adrienne Scott & Susan Bass, Maysville, MO.  Owner/Handled by Adrienne Scott.  Chaumette won Best Opposite.


CH.Volcan de la Negresse, DOB: 8/9/2004.  Male.  Breeder: Alain Laissus.  Sire: Nectar Dit Noir de la Negresse; Dam: Thalis de la Negresse.  Owner Gary Curtis and Rhydonia Ring, Orinda, CA.  Agent/Handler: Bill McFadden.  Volcan won Best of Breed Eukanuba.


AKC Herding Trial October 4, 2008 - Murrieta, CA - Group Photo Left to Right:
Cris Maxwell with Voila des Ombres Valeureux
Debbie Pluss with Brava de la Balme de Epy; Paul Pluss with Dekka des Ombres Valeureux
Debbie Skinner with Rista des Ombres Valeureux;  Margie's friend & Margie Arbon with her 2 dogs (Urnie
vom Wildweg, male and her female). Kellie Wolverton with Akiva des Ombres Valeureux (competed in the 2 day trial)

Kellie Wolverton's Bleiz'h and Akiva des Ombres Valeureux below herding in brace!  Very Cool!
Here is a link to Bleiz'hs father working the dairy cows in France

Want to See More of Bleiz'h and Akiva Herding?  Check out their YouTube Slide Show!

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