2009 Photos of Beaucerons at Shows and Events
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 Below is the section on Temperament from The AKC Beauceron Breed Standard:
The Beauceron should be discerning and confident. He is a dog with spirit and initiative, wise and fearless with no trace of timidity. Intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle and obedient. The Beauceron possesses an excellent memory and an ardent desire to please his master. He retains a high degree of his inherited instinct to guard home and master. Although he can be reserved with strangers, he is loving and loyal to those he knows. Some will display a certain independence. He should be easily approached without showing signs of fear.

Akiva des Ombres Valeureux & Kelly Wolverton - photos link and video link below: 

Spring Chute Out AKC Herding Trial Florence, AZ Feb 21-22 2009




Scottsdale, Arizona - Photos Below of Leo taken on March 2, 2009.  Leo wins Group 4 on Feb 28, 2009


Westminster 2009 - Leo Wins Breed - Group Photos

"Jazz" Jasper des Ombres Valeureux - Palm Springs AKC Show - January 3, 2009
Watch YouTube Video of all Beaucerons shown - Part 1 and Part 2
On Sunday, Jazz won Best of Winners at only 11 months old earning his first major.  Regretfully we have no video of Sunday.  Show photo coming soon.


Check out "Jazz" introduction to sheep and herding instinct test on YouTube
January 17, 2009 (photos below too).


CH.Voila des Ombres Valeureux - FlyBall - Jan. 18, 2009 - owner/trainer Cris Maxwell  FlyBall Video


Orange Empire Dog Show - January 24, 2009 Photos and YouTube Links - Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
First Row:  Debbie Skinner (me) showing Rista des Ombres Valeureux, 8 year old female; 2nd Row: Dice des Ombres Valeureux, 11 month old female.
3rd Row:  "Jazz" D'Jasper des Ombres Valeureux (only Natural Eared Beauceron at the show) and owner/handler Carol Larimer.  He's 11 months old.

Above: Debbie Skinner with Dice, Ron Skinner with Rista, Carol with Jazz, Debbie Pluss with very pregnant Brava!


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