Bexter des Ombres Valeureux x Saida du Bois de Vermont
DOB: October 4, 2007 
Photos below taken November 1st and pups are 4 weeks old.

Photos below taken November 14, 2007.  Puppies turned 6 weeks old today. Females top row and Males bottom row.
Striped Collar Female, Family Companion Aqua/White Collar Female, Family Companion Cuvee -Green Paisley Collar Female, Meagan Karnes, San Diego Extreme Ring Sport - French Ring Pink/White Collar Female, Cadence, co-owned with Debbie Pluss, Ramona Schutzhund Club Red/Black Collar Female, Crystal de Boss "Bossy" owed by Duets, K9 Companions, Lake Matthews, scent work
Black Collar Male, Cody, Nardie Cage, Redlands, CA, French Ring Blue Collar Male,  Schutzhund Prospect Green Collar Male, Cadeau, Tim Watts, Calgary Canada, Prairie Sharks French Ring Sport Levi Blue Collar Male, Calibre, Arizona, Family Companion Red Collar Male, Cinch, K9 prospect, we held back.
Cuvee des Ombres Valeureux
Cadence des Ombres Valeureux
Breeding of Dexter (Bexter's sire) and Saida:
B'Drago des Ombres Valeureux, SchH III - VPG2 Champion
Blitz des Ombres Valeureux, FRI



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