Photo Gallery - 2010 - Page 4 - Lake Henshaw, CA -- August 7 & 8, 2010

Cow Beach Videos of Dogs Water Retrieving:   &


1st Row:  CH.Eo des Ombres Valeureux - 18 month old male Beauceron water retrieving for Debbie Pluss.



Flicka, giving her opinion on being tied up for a rest time (14 week old female Malinois D'Only/Cadence litter), 2nd photo: D"Only (1 1/2 yr old male malinois) and Orly (12 year old female); 3rd photo: Bijou (4 year old female Beauceron).




1st photo: Bijou and Eo (with tug); middle photo: Bijou and friend "Ginger"; 3rd photo: E'Bling running in the meadow above the lake (14 month old female malinois - Master/Saida).



1st Bling & Ryker (black lab male); 2nd Bling & Ryker;  3rd: Bling.  Debbie Pluss retrieving with her dogs at the lake.


Debbie Skinner with her dogs and "Ryker" the lab makes 4.   1st photo nearest is Orly, 12 yr old female, then D'Only, 1 1/2 yr old male (has orange collar), farthest is Eruka (11 mos old female malinois), Ryker is the 3 year old male lab.  2nd photo:  D'Only (orange collar), Eruka in the middle and then Orly.  3rd photo: D'Only and Eruka in the lake.


1st photo: Cris Maxwell's pack of dogs - left to right: Encore (2 yr old female blue dob), Voila (5 year old female Beauce w/red toy), Fia (6 mos old female Beauceron with yellow toy), Rueger (8 year old male Dob).  2nd photo: Furie (6 mos female Beauce swimming for b&w bumper), D'Only with yellow bumper and Eruka.  3rd photo: Furie, Eurka w/b&w bumper and D'Only w/yellow bumper.



1st: D'Only & Eruka;  2nd: D'Only;  3rd: D'Only


D'Only & Eruka



1st: Voila & Fia (Beauceron females); 2nd Dobies and Beaucerons (Fia has yellow toy);  3rd: Dobie & Beaucerons with Cris Maxwell.


1st: Furie (6mos old female Beauce), Eruka (b&w bumper), D'Only (yellow bumper); 2nd photo: Furie in the lead, then Eruka and D'Only (yellow bumper);  3rd photo: D'Only and Eruka


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