Sage Working Dog Club Photo Album - 1996-1998


STARS French Ring Trial, El Dorado, CA - May 1996.  Group Standing (left to right):  Ron Skinner, Pam Wilson and Shelley Monson holding "Xena" MalMadess Britt, (Duc  du Creux Thatcher, FRIII Sel, MRIII, CH.Campagne x Freya du Perle de Tourbiere, FRII, breeder Pam Wilson).  Group sitting (left to right):  Pam Wilson (Canada and owner of Freya and Anka), Shelley Monson with puppy Xena, Kathy O'Brien.  Face Attack Photo:  Ron Skinner decoying STARS trial - Anka (Quajak 2 Pottois x Freya) FRI.

1996 Mexicali, MEXICO - French Ring Demonstration at the International FCI Show.  Salvador Huerta with FRII Black GSD "Igor" (French Import).  Sal was the founder of the TJ French Ring Club.  Group Photo (left to right): Shelley Monson with female Malinois "Xena", Kathy O'Brien with female Malinois Eureka du Rez-la-Ville, FRIII, Debbie Skinner with female Beauceron Isabeau des Ombres Valeureux, Ron Skinner (decoy).  Bottom photo:  Ron Skinner decoying Duc du Creux Thatcher for the object guard during the demo.




1997 - 1st Puppy Photos: Ron Skinner, Certified French Ring Decoy and Training Director of Sage Working Dog Club, shown here working young Keegen des Ombres Valeureux.  Keegen is about 14 weeks old in this photo and is owned by SWDC member, Nikkie Kochel of San Marcos, CA.  Then 1998 - Keegan (hurdle), Face attack with Ron Skinner decoying and then learning the broad jump.  Keegen DOB 1997.



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