Beauceron (Berger de Beauce) History & Description

The Beauceron is a distinct French breed of herding dog. Though almost unknown outside of France, the Beauceron has a long history. It is a very old breed developed solely in France with no foreign crosses. The Beauceron is a dog of the Lupoid type. The earliest record found so far of what is thought to be this breed dates back to a renaissance manuscript of 1578. In 1809, the abbey Rozier reported plain dogs guarding flocks and herds. In 1863, Pierre Megnin differentiated, with precision, two types of these sheep dogs: one with a long coat, which became known as the Berger de Brie, the other with a short coat, which is know as the Berger de Beauce, or Beauceron.  Like other sheepdog breeds, the Beauceron is easy to train to assume tasks other than the care of flock or herd. These dogs are used by the French police and Army in much the same manner as German Shepherds are used in North America. The calmness of the breed, and its ability to follow commands without hesitation, has been well illustrated during both major wars in Europe.

The personality of a rustic gentleman that the great Collette ascribed to the Beauceron still exists. However, the Beauceron has been adapted to various environments that our century offers. As a companion dog integrated into the family, it refines its manners and humors. As a watchdog guarding private property, businesses and warehouses, it expresses all of its vigilance and discipline. With very little preparation, it will be a highly productive sport dog. Its love for its master illustrates perfectly the saying," like master, like dog".  The following information about the Beauceron's temperament has been directly translated from the French book, Le chien de Berger de Beauce, written by Marice Luquet. It is the most comprehensive book written about the breed. Luquet says, "The Beauceron's intelligence is manifested in its good and rapid comprehension of its master's desires. Beaucerons are noted for their excellent memories and their ancestral instinct to guard all the persons and property of their home. Their principle qualities are obedience, vigilance, calmness, courage hardiness and patience. They are, without doubt, one of the most intelligent of breeds."  Despite their forbidding appearance, Beaucerons are tolerant by nature and do well in family situations. They are gentle with children and older people. This is especially true of dogs that have grown up in theses situations. It must be noted that they are a large breed and a three month old puppy can weigh 40 pounds., which could prove overwhelming to a small child. They tend to be one person dogs. In a family, they often will choose one person, in particular, as their master. This may not be the person you might intend. Beaucerons require a strong master to do well as they may tend to overrun a meek owner

The males can reach 70 centimeters at the shoulder. The average height is 67 centimeters or 27.5 inches. They often weigh more than 100 lb.. The female is slightly smaller with more a more feminine look. Double dew claws are required on both hind legs. Ears are held high on the head. The standard allows for the un-cropped ear. In this case one third of the ear must be held erect.  Colors:  Bi-color (Black with rust markings);  Merle is also acceptable with the grey mix being in the black.

Champion de la Loutre Noire, Ring III Selectifs, MondioRing III,
Recommande, Cert. "Exc." Hips, French Import Black/Rust male. 
Owned by Ron & Debbie Skinner.
CH.Indy des Coteaux du Petit Gris, French Imported Ring III, Black/Rust Male, Shown
winning "Best of Breed"  at 1998 International Dog Show in Mexico. Indy is a Champion
 of Mexico & has earned 4 CACIBs.  Owned by Ron & Debbie Skinner.



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