Dexter du Clos D'Ypsi, FRIII

We imported Dexter from Belgium as a puppy.  Thank you, Nathalie Deleu, Kennel Leu Chapellois (Belgium) for selecting him.  A special thanks to Dexter's breeder, Jeannine Coup, Kennel Clos D'Ypsi, Belgium.  He is a very outgoing boy and has very high drives for biting and retrieving.  Biting the suit at 10 weeks old!  He is very social and goes everywhere with us. 

Eyes checked at 5 months old (CERF # BM-637/2005--5) OFA Hips Good BM-1701G25M-PI and OFA Elbows Certified BM-EL739M25-PI.  French Ring III titled in France by Christophe CLEMENT.  Confirmed for Breeding in France.  Proven Producer in USA and FRANCE.

Update: Dexter is now trialing in France in French Ring.     French Ring "Brevet" 98.5 points 03/09/08.  French Ring I on 03/27/08 with a score of 186.5 and 2nd leg scoring 186.25 on 05/17/08; French Ring II on 07/27/08 with a 284.4 taking the decoy down on the attack w/revolver!  FRII 2nd leg 09/13/08 with a 280+ (handler losing 6pts for not returning revolver :(.  Dexter would of gotten about 287.  Overall great going for both Dexter and Christopher!  See more photos and information: Dexter's Page on Euro-Working Dogs

Photo at left taken of Dexter on Feb 5, 2010




    Ivan des Deux Pottois

  Ely des Loups Mutins Chips des Loups Mutins
Lobo du Clos Champcheny, FRIII & MR III

Above & Left: Lobo (sire of Dexter)
Dusty du Clos de Savoie

French Ring III, Selectifs 1992, 1993

  Hitee du Clos Champcheny Deo du Clos Champcheny
    Kim du Boscaille
  Saxe du Boscaille Laika du Boscaille
Ypsilon du Boscaille  
2003 Belgian Ring Championships
4rd Place Level II   Visit brother Yelo's Page (our dog)
  Nik van Nedyehrevhof
  Thais du Boscaille Rebeca du Boscaille (Kim du Boscaille)


Photos below of Dexter taken at 10 weeks old on our field and at Lake Hemet with Orly.

Photos taken at 6-7 months old above of Dexter:  Row 1: biting on the SUV on our field; Row 2: Hurdle (our field)
and Splash dog practice at June '05 Pet Expo LA FairPlex; Row 3: Rosarita Mexico beach training.

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