Beauceron Clubs, Chat Lists, Pedigree Databases & More
Le Club des Amis du Beauceron - France
(has links to breed clubs in other countries)
About Beaucerons (Pedigree & Breeder Database)


Belgian Malinois Club Sites
Club Francais du Chien de Berger Belge - France
American Belgian Malinois Club - USA

Belgian Malinois Breeder Sites
Carousel Belgium Malinois - (OR) USA
Hundi Malinois - (ID) USA

Belgian Malinois Sites of Interest
Malinois History in Ring - French
Malinut Homepage - USA

Belgian Shepherd
 United Belgian Shepherd Association
Dutch Organization For Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Pastor Belga - Spain
Origin of Berger Belge - French

Agility Shop
USDAA Agility Events

Belgian Ring Sport
NVBK Belgian Ring Page
Marnix Mijn's Belgian Ring Page - Belgium
History of Belgian Ring Sport

 North American Working Bouvier Association

Protection Equipment
Demanet Costumes

Coupe Winners Campagne (1963-1998)

French Ring Sport Information
American Ring Sport Association- USA East Coast
North American Ring Association - USA
Canadian Ring Association - Canada
 French Ring Sport - Mexico
 Ring Sport - Finland
French Cup & Championnat Results 2000
Coupe Winners 1950-1999

Flyball Homepage
Flyball E-mail List

Herding Information
 American Herding Breed Association
Flashdogs - Herding Dogs in Action (Many breeds)
French Herding Trials
Stockdogs in Action
Beaucerons & Herding

KNPV (Holland Ring Sport)
KNPV (Holland)

Mondioring Sport Information
  MondioRing Sport Links
Mondioring Internet List

Registry  & Dog Clubs
American Kennel Club
F.C.I. Homepage
American Working Dog Federation
Working Dog Club of Russia
A.S.P.A.D.S. - United Kingdoms
Canadian Kennel Club
Societe Centrale Canine - France

Schutzhund - DVG America
Alexandria Schutzhund Group - VA
  Schutzhund USA

Search & Rescue
North American Search Dog Network (NASDN)
NASDN Email List
How To Choose A Pup for S&R
Avalanche Dogs
Selecting A Dog For S&R
French Search & Rescue Page

Temperament Tests
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
PAWS Working Dog Evaluation

Southwest Tracking Homepage
Tracking Page

Working Dog Magazines
DogSports Magazine
 Cynoscope Magazine - France

Working Dog Links (Misc.)
Working Dog Homepage
Les Sports Canins - France

 Canine Genetics
International Elbow Working Group
Control of Genetic Disease (article by Dr. Padgett)
Good News, Bad News About Hip Status (article by Fred Lanting)
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA)
VetGen (Genetics Svcs: DNA, VwD)
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
Morris Animal Foundation

Canine Reproductive Specialists
Dr. Sharon Vanderlip - Lakeside, CA

Dog Club Insurance
Sportsman Insurance for Dog Clubs

Other Sites of Interest

  Aguanga Site