Shadows Traditional Siamese
Exclusively Old Fashioned "Applehead"
Excellence can be attained if you. “Care more than others think is wise.
Expect more than others think is possible."




Near Temecula in Aguanga 



Kittens & Planned Litters


  We are members and Code of Ethic breeders of the Traditional Cat Association.  Registered Cattery with the TCA & American Cat Association (Shadows) and Cat Fanciers Association (Shadowborne).  Breeders of Traditional Siamese Cats registered with CFA, ACA, TCA.  We are not a large cattery, but are fancier/hobbyists of the Old Fashioned Siamese Cats.  Most of our kittens are seal points and blue pointed with occasional chocolate and lilac pointed kittens.   Our cats are negative for Felv, FIV, FIP.   Our cats are registered by TCA, ACA, and/or CFA.  Kittens are vaccinated and wormed and raised in our home with love. Our  cats and kittens are fed  raw and Nature's Variety (grain-free) and Nature's Logic.  We can ship breeding stock.  Visitors are welcome.  Please call for directions to our home and to set up an appointment. 


Shadows Traditional Siamese
Ron and Debbie Skinner

Cell: 951-551-3879




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