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Shadows Minxa
Shadows Kiss
Shadows Zevbie

Shadows Zeeva Shadows Jasra
Shadows Minx


Shadows Sony, ACA Registered Seal Point Female, DOB: March 28, 2009; SIRE:    "Simon" Siam Moon Simon II  and DAM:   Shadows Chandra.  First 4 Photos taken on May 19, 2010 when Sony is 1 year old.  5th Photo taken 03/17/2010 - Sony is almost 1 year old.  Last 2 Photos taken at 4 months old on 07/19/2009.  Sony's sister is Shadows Kiss, Chocolate Point. 


Shadows Zev , ACA Lilac Point Female, Daughter of  Shadows Trouffle x Shadows Kasha, 1st & 2nd Photos taken 10/16/2010 at 10 years old.   3rd Photo on 04/29/2009 and Photo with Beanie Baby Siamese taken as a kitten.


Shadows Kasha,  Chocolate Point Female.  Daughter of To-Lyn's Ringo-of-L-Sampson and Shadows Sage.  Sage's brother/littermate is Shadows DreamWeaver, visit his pedigree page for Sage's extended pedigree.   DOB 04/11/1999.  Photos: 1st pix - about 6 months old in kitty cup; 2nd pix Kasha at 2-3 years old; 3rd & 4th pixs - Kasha at 11 1/2 years old - October 17, 2010.


"Cloe" Clorinda of Shadows & Scarlet of Shadows,  ACA Registered Seal Point Sisters.  They are also sisters to Nottingham of Shadows.   DOB:  April 14, 2001;  Sire: Mystery Cats Friar Tuck, FS TS2001008-01, Seal Point;  Dam: Anthony's Monkey, ACA# 79815-2, Seal Point aka Mystery Cats Monkey TS-1999024-01.  1st  & 2nd Pixs are Cloe.  3rd & 4th Pixs are of Scarlet.


Shadows Sage, ACA Seal Point, (Sire: Shadows DreamCatcher x Dam: Tika), Sister to Shadows DreamWeaver


Shadows Tika, ACA Registered Seal Point Female, DOB: 07/09/1993.    Mother of DreamWeaver and Sage (right above). 


Shadows Caterra, ACA Registered Seal Point (Actually a Cinnamon Chocolate Point).  Sire: Shadows DreamCatcher, Seal Point, ACA# 79338-3; Dam: Shadows Blue Jasra, Blue Point, ACA # 168-1483 (see pix below).  Caterra's DOB: March 16, 1997.


Blue Jasra, ACA Registered Blue Point

Shadows Traditional Siamese
Debbie Skinner
Aguanga, CA 92536
Cell: 951-551-3879



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