CH,UWP,UCD,UAGII,UROI, Voila des Ombres Valeureux, CGC, CD, HIC,

HT, HCT, RAE, BH, CI, CS-T, CI-T, CLI-R, FDCH-S,TFE-I, JR-Splash Dog. UKC Super Dog


OFA Hips "Excellent", OFA Elbows, CERF "Eyes", OFA Cadiac-Echo/Heart Cert, UKC Champion, Reserve Best in Show at UKC Show October 25, 2008 in Claremont, CA!!!  RAE - the highest Rally title and only second Beauceron to get that title.  Some fun facts: UFLI - fastest Beauceron 2007 - 2008, UFLI # 1 Beauceron [ points] ,NAFA  # 2 Beauceron  [points] ,UKC 2007 top ten #6 Beauceron ,UKC # 2008 top ten #4 ,1st JR-Splash dog Beauceron.  AKC CD, UKC Rally - 0 -1, U-C.D., and now UKC Super Dog Title!

OFA Cardiac-Echo at 5 years old (see all health reports at bottom of page) and also visit and search "Beauceron" to see all certifications on Voila and other Beaucerons.

Complete Extended Pedigree:

January 9-10, 2010 - Voila finishes her AKC CD (Companion Dog title) at the Palm Springs Dog Show - On Saturday, she got a 1901/2 with a 3rd place and on Sunday, she got a 1931/2 5th place .

January 16-17, 2010 - Voila finished her UKC rally - O - 1 , title and her U- C. D. witch also earns her the privilege of being an  UKC Super dog. She was one of the only dogs to do both  days of the trails with 2 shows a day and be entered in both rally and obedience and have the stamina to keep going.


Voila des Ombres Valeureux - Page 2 - Pet Expo April 18, 2010 - Splash Dog - Voila practicing and competing in the Splash Dog Event

Video of Voila Competing at Splash Dogs: & Video August 14, 2010 Protection work:


Co-Bred by Debbie Skinner and Debbie Pluss.    Viola is competing in Agility and has her Rally RN RA RE and now they are working on their RAE titles as well as ARBA and FCI/FCM Pointed with several Best of Opposite Wins.  Voila has her Herding Cert, Canine Good Citizen, competes in Flyball and weight pulling.  DOB: 07/30/2004. 

Health Clearances:  BEU-211E32F-PI Hips Excellent, BEU-EL62F32-PI Elbows Certified, CERF Eyes BEA-131.

Viola assists Cris Maxwell, her owner and trainer/handler routinely as a demo dog in obedience classes.   Cris Maxwell

Photo at left: 18 month old Viola taking "Best Female" under Beauceron and Briard Specialty Judge,  Donovan Thompson at the Palm Springs Dog Show, January 8, 2006.  She won over the French imported female that won at the 2005 NABC Specialty!  Viola went Best of Opposite as well. 




Voila training in Aguanga with Ron Skinner (decoy) - March 7, 2010



Sunday, August 2, 2009 - San Diego Schutzhund Club, Ramona, CA




Voila playing ball in the Dog Park near our

Vet's Office just following her ultra-sound.

She moves and looks good for being confirmed pregnant!

February 23, 2009



Voila competing at FlyBall Tournament - January 18, 2009.  FlyBall Video




Voila is the 1st Beauceron to compete with Splash Dogs - dock diving competition! 


Photo shows Voila on her second day of dock diving at the America's Family Pet Expo on Saturday, April 12, 2008.




Voila was the fastest Beauceron in flyball for the year 2007, with the time of 4.304 seconds! 

See Voila and other team members of We Be Flying Flyball Team.


Voila does it again! At her first 1st UKC weight pull on February 9, 2008, she earned her 1st leg and got a 3rd place in her weight division.  Cris stopped her pull after she pulled 600+lbs,it was her 1st time and she did great!  



1st Row: Voila being shown by co-breeder, Debbie Pluss at the Palm Springs Dog Show, January 5, 2008.
2nd Row: Cris Maxwell and Voila in Advanced Rally, Palm Springs Dog Show, January 6, 2008.



Photos below: Ron Skinner working Voila on a sleeve.  She has a good bite like her parents Phantom & Sydney!  No problem with stick or gun, calm full bite and high retrieve drive.

Agility Photos courtesy of Debbie Baker at the San Diego AKC Agility Trials - December 29 & 30, 2007.  Owner trained and handled by Cris Maxwell of Ramona, CA.




Sire: CH.Phantom des Ombres Valeureux, OFA "Excellent " Hips, OFA Elbows, CERF Eyes, FCI.TT, International & Mexican Champion
Champion Work, Ring III
Ce De La Cite Grands Feux
Elite A   DYS-A
French Ring I
Adam's De La Cite Grands Feux Elite-A DYS-A
Vaska De La Foret Vilcena 
Recommande DYS-A 
French Ring III
Feline De La Loutre Noire
Elite-A   DYS-A
Brother, Flam, FRII (photo)
French II
Arhus De La Loutre Noire  Elite-A DYS-A
Devka De La Grange Colombe
Elite-A DYS-A
French Ring III, CH.Beauty
Sire: Indy des Coteaux du Petit Gris
4 CACIBs, Hips #GDC9947H47AN
French Confirmed, Eyes #GDC9947EY74N7/00
Dam: Integra des Ombres Valeureux
Hips #GDC5613H15GN 
Eyes #GDC5613EY71N7/00
Beauty pointed (FCM & CACIB)
MondioRing III,   French Ring III Sel
Champion de la Loutre Noire
Recommende,  DYS-A
French Ring II
Arhus de la Loutre Noire
Elite A     DYS-A
Champion Pistage - Tracking 
Victoire Dit Vic de la Loutre Noire
Elite-A DYS-A
Eyes de la Cite Des Grands Feux
 French Confirme 
 vWd=normal, OFA
French Ring III 
Barry I de la Foret Vilcena
Recommende   DYS-A
Charlotte de la Cite Des Grands Feux 
Recommende, DYS-A



DAM:  CH.Sydney des Ombres Valeureux, BH, FCI.TT, OFA "Good" Hips, OFA Elbows, CERF, International & Mexican Champion, CGC
French Ring II
Calif De Loutre Noire 
Excellent DYS-A
French Ring II
Arhus De La Loutre Noire
Elite A DYS-A
Ayla De La Loutre Noire 
Recommande DYS-A
Devka De La Grange Colombe 
Elite-A    DYS-A
French Ring III
Balkan De La Loutre Noire
Elite-A DYS-A
Alma Du Pommier Du Pain
Sire: Havoc de la Loutre Noire
Hips Certfied #GDC3133H14A,
GDC Cert Eyes, BCA Breed Survey



Dam: Pesky des Ombres Valeureux
Hips GDC18874H20EN "Excellent" & Elbows GDC18874E20N.  Eyes CERF BEA122/200574
Marco de la Vallee des Loups de Mer
French confirmed
French Ring I
Hourakan Dream des Gardiens de L'Ombre Recommande, Dys-A
Jina des Feux Talanconnais
Excellent, Dys-A
Iris des Coteaux du Petit Gris
French confirmed
Siblings: Indy, FRIII & Iqua "Jaguar"
FRIII Championships
Champion Work, Ring III
Ce De La Cite Grands Feux
Elite A   DYS-A
French Ring III
Feline De La Loutre Noire
Elite-A   DYS-A
Brother, Flam, FRII (photo)




Voila and Owner Cris Maxwell - Herding Sheep



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